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Procrastinating things is a very common habit most of us suffer from. And while it is okay to put off things that don’t have any major repercussions, a water leak is not one of them. It may seem harmless initially, but even a minor leak can affect parts of your property, speed up the deterioration of wood, and serve as a breeding ground for mold spores to proliferate on. Not to mention the gradual increase in water bills that would soon start to pinch. This is why it is essential to act on time and call Delray Beach Restoration Company to fix water leaks at your property. Suspect there is a plumbing leak at your property but not quite sure yet? Our experts will clear your doubts in no time.

Our water restoration experts will identify, isolate, cure, and dry the affected area apart from offering expert guidance on how to avoid the ramifications of water leaks in the future. With two decades of experience and a competent team of experts, we are your best bet when it comes to water damage restoration. Call us now on 561-325-7358 and avail our services anywhere in Delray Beach, FL area.

Where’s the leak?

Delray Beach Restoration Company Delray Beach, FL 561-325-7358Not sure if there is a leaky pipe in your house? Don’t worry. It’s not that hard to detect. A water leak is not always obvious but may give away clues that you need to get your plumbing checked. If you see a considerable and unexplained increase in your water bills, observe damp walls or ceilings, or can faintly hear water running in some corner of your house, immediately call our water leak detection experts and they will identify and isolate the affected area in no time. Gone are the days when people used to rely on local plumbers who would rip apart their houses to detect water leaks. Delray Beach Restoration Company comes equipped with advanced detection tools to zero in on the exact spot without bringing down your house.

How our thermal imaging process works?

Leaks can be very difficult to detect sometimes, but not for our cutting-edge thermal imaging cameras. Our world-class cameras create heat maps which allow us to easily zero in on the exact area without having to rip apart your walls. Areas hit by water leaks are damp and have a lower temperature than a dry area. Thermal imaging enables us to capture this difference and effectively locate the affected areas.

Thermal imaging: Why it’s the best?

  • Damp patches silently eat away your property and remain out of sight until it is too late. But thanks to thermal imaging, our experts can detect these areas and kill the problem in its crib.
  • It’s a comprehensive measure that minimizes damage to your property and finds moisture-hit areas even on seemingly inconspicuous surfaces.
  • Without thermal imaging, detecting moisture would be a painfully extensive and time-consuming job.

Other leak detection techniques include:

Visual cues:

A basic and primitive way to detect water leaks, this method identifies areas based on the source of water flow. However, water can get lodged in hidden and dark corners, making detection difficult with this method.

The sound test:

As the name suggests, in this test our technicians use acoustic devices to narrow down the source of running water.

Camera inspections:

Our snake cams slither through the pipes and give us a visual of what is going on inside. This relatively advanced method helps us detect water leaks quickly with minimal damage.

Do you want a water leak to turn into a larger and costlier problem? If not, then call Delray Beach, FL’s best detection experts right way on 561-325-7358