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Delray Beach Restoration Company Delray Beach, FL 561-325-7358The scale of devastation brought about by a fire outbreak is second to none. Within seconds, a deadly fire can consume your property, char age-old valuables, and reduce wood and steel to ashes. And not to mention the trauma it brings, causing extreme emotional pain and a lingering sense of loss. As experienced fire restoration specialists,Delray Beach Restoration Company understands the extent of emotional and material destruction that a fire can bring and strive to minimize the pain of post-outbreak cleanup.

No matter the degree of damage, our fire restoration experts in Delray Beach, FL area never back away from promising you an effective remediation. We understand that prompt response is a precursor to effective restoration and waste no time in dispatching our specialists when you call us on 561-325-7358 stating an emergency.

Common types of fire you can encounter:

  • Kitchen fires

Kitchen fires are the most common causes of blazes in households and can be extremely dangerous as they can easily engulf other parts of your property. From the stove to equipment like ovens, anything can ignite a fire.

  • Electrical fires:

Dysfunctional appliances, depleted wiring, shorts, or water contact can also cause fires in the house. Commercial establishments are at a particular risk due to heavy-duty appliances.

  • Furnace/ heater fires:

The coil in the heater can ignite if it comes in contact with water or any other inflammable material, causing fire. Plus, malfunctions in the furnace or heater can never be ruled out.

  • Natural causes:

Wildfires or bushfires can also affect nearby residential and commercial properties and cause destruction on a much larger scale, apart from leaving odors and residue behind.

The degree of fire damage varies based on the cause of the fire, the materials it affects and the remediation efforts taken afterward. Over several years of operation, Delray Beach Restoration Company has dealt with all types of fire, ranging from minor blazes to full-blown fire outbreaks that destroy the very foundation of the property. We are experts at carrying out timely and effective restoration and cleanup measures to not only reinstate your property to its pre-loss condition but also make it much sturdier than before.

Our work process includes:

1) Accurate estimates:

We ascertain the extent of damage caused by the fire and the materials thus affected and draw up accurate estimates, which also help you while settling claims with your insurance firm.

2) Damage cleanup:

Any valuable assets like furniture, appliances, or personal products that have been damaged beyond restoration are detected, compiled, and disposed of.

3) Soot removal:

Toxic soot and ash can settle deep within the walls and spread over your valuables, destroying it further. We completely remove soot from the premises and sanitize the affected areas.

4) Water damage:

Fighting off fire requires a lot of water which may eventually cause moisture. We eliminate unwanted moisture and remove water lodged in hidden corners.

5) Deodorization:

Fires leave a very pungent odor that does not go away by itself. Moreover, the air contains toxins which may affect your health. Our restoration exports deodorize the property and restore the air quality to pre-fire conditions.

6) Restoration:

We try to retrieve and restore assets that have been not been completely damaged by the fire, be it furniture, electrical appliances, or any other personal belongings.

7) Reconstruction:

An extensive fire outbreak can weaken the structure of your property. We identify parts of your property that need rebuilding and restore them to their original condition.

Struck by fire? We will help you along the road to recovery and restore your life back to normalcy. Call us on 561-325-7358 and avail our fire restoration services anywhere in Delray Beach, FL area.