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Palm Beach is a land of not just beauty, but unprecedented glitz and glamour. It may attract hundreds and thousands of tourists, but Delray Beach Restoration Company knows that it doesn’t come without its price. This price that we speak of has been paid by each inhabitant with their sweat and blood. Due to its geographical location and the rapid pace of urbanization over the years, Palm Beach County suffers at the hands of unregulated natural disasters. The area’s tendency to fall prey to storms and flooding has left the county an easy victim over the years.

As hurricanes struck, the trees were uprooted, cars marooned, homes flooded, lives of its people was left agitated and when it passes it leaves behind a trail of irreparable damage.

How the region preps for the inevitable?

Delray Beach Restoration Company Delray Beach, FL 561-325-7358South Florida’s Palm Beach is just as susceptible to natural disasters as any other area in the region. This is the reason, you, as a citizen of the county, must prepare yourself against the unpredictable onslaught of nature. The county recognized its vulnerable position and became the first jurisdiction to setup a Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan (PDRP) in 1996.

An upgrade to the plan was established in 2006 after conducting extensive research from previous catastrophes and information gathered from these events. With extensive schemes supporting the county, it is now strong enough to withstand disasters of all measures and recover quickly from its aftermath.

Prepared for everything: Delray Beach Restoration Company

The authorities have done a remarkable job in handling the recovery process following a disaster. From providing relief to restoring power, Palm Beach County is now capable of overcoming the disaster. However, despite its processes and relief schemes, it needs a damage restoration professional to do the ground work. Restoring power in a flooded house can actually do more harm than good! This is why you need Delray Beach Restoration Company so that we can bridge the gap between a natural disaster and relief programs.

We work on the ground and do real-time work in restoring the lives of its residents. We can check for mold growth, extract water, replace/repair damaged items etc. We are equipped to handle disasters of all magnitudes and can assure you that your property is in safe hands! Just give us a call at 561-325-7358 and allow us to take over.

We serve the following cities:

Delray Beach, FL, Boca Raton, FL, Boynton Beach, FL, Greenacres, FL, Lake Worth, FL, North Palm Beach, FL, Palm Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Royal Palm Beach, FL, West Palm Beach, FL

The services we provide:

Fire damage: In case of fire, we provide soot and smoke removal service. We also use sophisticated methods to mitigate the damage and clean your property thoroughly to eliminate poisonous stench left behind by fire.

Water/Flood damage: Your home may get flooded by a hurricane or a pipe burst. No matter what caused the flood, we have the means to extract water and restore your property

Mold remediation:We use sophisticated techniques to detect mold and EPA approved methods to eliminate it.

Leak detection: Our non-invasive methods to detect leak is popular with our customers. If you notice inexplicable increase in your water bills, call us to check for leaks.

Reconstruction/remodeling: Need an extra room? Want to rebuild a section of your property? We can do it for you!

Call us at 561-325-7358 if you need damage restoration experts.