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A small leak may cause mild inconvenience but not enough to ruffle someone’s feathers. It is hardly surprising that many people never really bother fixing water leaks or at best, put the resolution in cold storage. But imagine this, the water continues to leak slowly and eventually converts the area into a breeding ground for mold and other contaminants. Before long, the mold spreads to other parts of your property, giving it not just a bad look but also damaging it at a rapid pace. What started as a ‘harmless’ water leak has turned into a full-blown problem that demands costly repair and extensive restructuring. Would you still compromise the sanctity of your property like that?

An example of the dangers of mold:

Delray Beach Restoration Company Delray Beach, FL 561-325-7358An old client of ours recently moved into a new house in the Delray Beach, FL area. Owing to lack of time and exhausting schedules, they decided to put off a thorough inspection of their plumbing. A few weeks later, their kids developed unexplained skin allergies, symptoms like coughing and wheezing, and neurological issues. Even the doctors couldn’t determine the exact cause of these symptoms. Eventually, the client suspected a damp corner in the attic and decided to call us for help. When Delray Beach Restoration Company’s technicians reached there and smelled a strong musty odor, they immediately realized what was wrong. Expectedly, they uncovered a substantial mold growth behind the attic wall and carried out an extensive cleaning of the entire area to obliterate the fungus from their premises.

Why you need professional mold remediation?

Mold that is clearly visible can be dealt with easily and eliminated in its early states. Unfortunately, that is not always the case as it often proliferates in hidden and dark corners of your house.

Here’s why you should rely call our experts on 561-325-7358 for a foolproof mold remediation:

  1. Quick detection: Once it starts spreading, mold takes hardly 2-3 days to permeate other areas of your property. Therefore, timely intervention is the key and that is where Delray Beach Restoration Company steps in. We use advanced thermal detection measures to zero in on moisture-hit areas and use cutting-edge tools to detect bad air quality caused by mold spores.
  2. Eliminating ALL mold: We don't just remove the mold that is visible but eliminate it from the deepest corners of your property. Whether it is hidden under layers of plywood or proliferating behind the washer in the basement, we ensure comprehensive removal of all mold from your premises.
  3. Killing the source: Removing the mold is just one thing, but the real solution lies in killing its source. We use advanced dehumidification and moisture removal techniques to ensure that mold goes away for good.
  4. Sterilizing the affected area: Contamination caused as a result of fungal growth can lead to serious health risks. We use special cleaning agents and chemicals to decontaminate and sanitize the affected area.
  5. Damage control: Mold is cancerous for plywood, drywalls, furnishing, and other valuable items you possess. We apply special chemicals to restore all mold-hit goods and structures to their pre-damaged condition.

Don’t let mold eat into your property and valuable possessions. Call the fastest and most reliable mold remediation experts in the Delray Beach, FL area right away! Contact us on 561-325-7358