Delray Beach


When early settlers spotted the pristine sands of Delray Beach, it looked like snow – but it wasn’t. It turned out that the region had rich soil to support agriculture, warm, sunny weather and of course, no snow. It was pure bliss! Settlers poured into the region and turned it into a lucrative agricultural community. The 1920s land boom further fueled the prosperity of the land, commencing the development that soon turned it into a thriving tourist hub of Palm Beach County.

Today, the city has come to be known as a vibrant town with a blend of urban sophistication. Its shopping scene, night life, and the stunning beauty of nearly two miles of beach, earned Delray Beach the title of the ‘Most Fun Small Town in US’.

Delray: Where disaster is never at bay

While the city stands as a personification of elegance, its serene calm is occasionally ruptured by disasters of all scales and sizes. Over the last century alone, at least ten catastrophic hurricanes have caused widespread destruction across Delray Beach and the surrounding locales. The back-to-back hurricanes in 1926 deflated the real estate boom. In 2005, Wilma pounded the city, causing extensive damage. Each disaster across the decades serves as a reference point for the change before and after the event.

In addition to facing the brunt of hurricanes, Delray Beach is also threatened by rising sea levels. While King Tides are seasonal, of late, the tides come in higher-than-usual, flooding coastal neighborhoods.

Keeping the community safe:

Preserving the sanctity of Delray Beach is all down to the local authorities, its people and most of all, the damage restoration companies such as Delray Beach Restoration Company who work in tandem with civic bodies to restore normalcy. Without a cohesive understanding amongst the spirited community, it would not have been possible to fall, rise and thrive, the way the city has, which is highly laudable.

Who we are?

For decades, we’ve been serving Delray Beach with our timely, quality, reliable and affordable solutions. Where others may change their ways, we remain as committed as ever, and are always there to heed our clients’ distress calls on 561-325-7358.

Whether it involves restoring damage after a flood or fixing faulty plumbing in residences, we provide a comprehensive range of services in the following zip codes:

33444, 33445, 33446, 33447, 33448, 33482, 33483, 33484

Some of our services include:

Delray Beach Restoration Company Delray Beach, FL 561-325-7358

  • Mitigating all types of damage
  • Restoration work on furniture, documents etc
  • Detecting leaks non-invasively
  • Removing smoke and soot damage
  • Eliminating mold and other biohazards
  • Extraction of contaminated flood water
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Reconstruction of the property
  • Custom designs and makeovers
  • Plumbing, flooring, roofing, framing and more

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