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Delray Beach Restoration Company Delray Beach, FL 561-325-7358Exigencies are an unavoidable and inevitable part of human life which we all encounter from time to time. Be it minor mishaps like burst pipes or severe incidents like natural calamities – unexpected incidents can throw our lives out of gear and cause a great degree of damage to our properties. Unfortunately, nobody can prevent cold spells, thunderstorms or even something as small as a plumbing leak. However, reducing their impact with timely mitigation efforts can make a world of difference.

The damage caused by unexpected water leaks or fire outbreaks intensifies with time. Wait too long and you may lose your cherished possessions forever or end up paying through your nose for a complete structural overhaul. Want to avoid that? Call Delray Beach, FL’s most trusted and prompt water and fire damage restoration experts – Delray Beach Restoration Company.

Our story:

‘Time is money’ – you must have heard this old proverb on numerous occasions. It underlines how time, a finite resource, is valuable and must not be wasted. But it’s more than just a proverb for us – it is the principle that guides us. When it comes to disaster mitigation, time is everything and no one understands this better than we do. In over two decades of serving the local community, we have stood by our promise of lightning quick response and swift remediation which have effectively saved millions of dollars’ worth of property and helped us win the trust of countless customers. This very trust helped us grow into a massive organization that we are today, with a team of world-class specialists, state-of-the-art equipment, a fleet of mobile trucks, and a vast structure of workshops.

From disaster to revival:

Come snow, rain, hail, or storm, we are there for you. The words may seem reassuring on paper but what good are they when not backed up with action? Unlike others, Delray Beach Restoration Company does not just make big promises but fulfills them on every occasion, and in our field, during every season. Disasters are highly unsettling and cause destruction no matter how prepared you are. Our trained and experienced experts understand exactly how to tackle such events and carry out the right mitigation steps to restore your life – and property – back to normalcy. Had a major plumbing leak or an unfortunate fire outbreak? Call our 24-hour helpline 561-325-7358 and our specialists will assess, clean, and restore your property in no time at all.

We’re always on the move:

It takes but a few minutes for smoke and soot to settle deep within your walls and damage the very foundation of your property. Similarly, water leaks can be cancerous for plywood and metallic parts and would likely cause irreversible damage if not dealt with quickly. The key to recovery from a water or fire damage incident is timely intervention and Delray Beach Restoration Company customers get exactly that. Our specialists are always on the move and can reach even the remotest of localities in Delray Beach, FL area at the drop of a hat! Imagine calling any other company and getting such a swift response? Call us night or day and our world-class specialists armed with cutting-edge equipment would be right outside your driveway within just 30 minutes!

We can handle:

  • Water and flood damage

Small leaks or indoor floods may seem harmless after cleanup, but the long-term ramifications are quite severe. Only advanced drying techniques ensure proper water removal and prevent degradation of walls, furnishings, and ceilings.

  • Fire and smoke damage:

Taking remedial action after a fire outbreak is critical as the toxic smoke and soot permeate the property, damaging different areas and causing a strong odor. Our experts guarantee total soot removal, deodorization of premises, and restoration of valuables.

  • Mold damage:

Mold is a silent and sometimes invisible nightmare which proliferates when the property is not completely dry. We are experts at detecting mold lurking in the hidden corners of your house, isolating and restoring the affected area, and removing moisture to curb further growth.

  • Residential/commercial restoration:

Disasters can leave your property in a highly-deteriorated condition and give it a worn-out look. Our fire and water damage restoration experts recover all salvageable valuables, minimize the losses as well as restore your property back to its former glory.

Hit by a disaster? Restoration is just a phone call away. Dial 561-325-7358 now!

We provide service in Delray Beach and Palm Beach county